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Come visit our farm in Kingsville, Ontario, where you can enjoy farm fresh eggs!   Our free range chickens are raised on non-GMO feed with no growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids.   Our happy ladies are free to roam outside each day to scratch, peck, eat grass, bugs and just be natural chickens.  Our eggs are fresh, delicious and have beautiful sunny orange yolks.  Happy Hens Lay Happy Eggs.   We were so thrilled with the outcome of our complete chicken coup renovations.  I absolutely LOVE the Best Nest Boxes we got from Ohio!  I call them chicken condos!   We welcome you to check out our hours of business and look forward to seeing you soon!
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Kingsville’s Local Pesticide Free Asparagus Farm


We are Kingsville’s local pesticide free asparagus farm.  Sweet and tender hand picked everyday…sometimes twice a day when the sun is shining!  Always a special time at the farm as this officially kicks off our season. The big question is when will it start.  Mid April we start looking at the fields twice a day to see when this glorious vegetable will pop through the dirt.  In the last few seasons it has started May 6th…BUT…we are hopefully we will see a season soon where it starts mid April and goes to mid June!

Organically grown, ensuring a natural and eco-friendly choice for your plate.

We are passionate about real food that tastes great and is good for your health and the environment.
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Embracing organic farming and sustainability for a greener future.


Sitting outside of Kingsville, Ontario’s centre, Grape Lakes Farm & Vineyard is Kingsville’s one-stop shop for organically grown produce and other other natural and eco-friendly products. Opened late 2014, Scott and Sondra Giles have been committed to supplying Windsor-Essex County with honest, responsibly, and sustainably grown food using no synthetic substances, such as pesticides, synthetic medicines or fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms
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