The art of the farm

Welcome to our farm workshops, where we invite you to immerse yourself in a genuine farm experience. As you step onto our picturesque property, you may be warmly welcomed by our friendly dog, Bear, and adorable barn cats who add an extra touch of charm to the rural atmosphere. Our workshops offer a hands-on and authentic encounter with the rhythms of farm life, providing participants with the opportunity to connect with nature and gain practical skills. In our farm kitchen, you’ll discover the pleasures of farm-to-table cooking. However, it’s important to note that while the kitchen is usually comfortable, it is not air-conditioned. We encourage you to dress accordingly, embracing the rustic surroundings and ensuring your comfort throughout the day. Get ready for a memorable and down-to-earth experience that captures the essence of farm living.

Upcoming Workshops

Inspired Savoury Zucchini Recipes 24/06/22 $54.58 tax included

What to do when you have buckets and buckets of Zucchini! In the past I found myself using my garden zucchini in the same old way. I made it a mission in the last few years to test dinner recipes that gave me the wow factor! In this class you will taste your way through what I hope will become some of your go to recipes!

  • Three Cheese Zucchini Stuffed Lasagna – This recipe hits all the same familiar notes that a meat lasagna does AND you feel great eating it.
  • Authentic Mexican Enchiladas – It takes 10 minutes with ingredients you typically have on hand. We will skip the store bought enchiladas sauce and make my favourite recipe that explodes with Mexican flavour.
  • Zucchini & Corn Pie – A delightful vegetable pie that is perfect for brunch or dinner. This one is ready in a flash!
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Organic No-Knead Bread Making Workshop 24/07/20 $38.61 tax included

I have been enjoying this crazy simply 24 hr fermented No-Knead method for many years. In this class I will show you each step along the way to ensure you go home and confidently start making your own bread! With one basic recipe we will be bake three totally different loafs.
Old World Dutch Oven Crusty Loaf
Rustic Calabrese Style Baguettes
Slicing Loaf for Sandwiches & Toast
You’ll enjoy tasting each loaf with my homemade butter, Grape Lakes pesticide free jam and my favourite bread dipper! I’ll share my tips on how I preserve my loafs and we’ll talk about how you can start experimenting with additional ingredients like shredded cheese and jalapenos. The sky is the limit!
With grocery store loafs ranging in price from $3.50 up to $8.99 you’ll love knowing each loaf costs under $1.00 and .50 cents if you are making the Baguettes!
When it comes to store bought bread, my motto is ignore the marketing label and check out the ingredients! Many contain unwanted ingredients like acidity regulators, leavening agents, emulsifiers, enzymes …just to list a few.
So I invite you to join me on this bread making journey. The personal satisfaction and superior taste is the cherry on top!

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Bees' Wax Workshop 24/08/10 $41.80 tax included

Grab a friend or family member for this hands on workshop. As my knowledge and skills expand on the farm, I love the community of getting together, having fun making these products which costs pennies compared to buying AND are better for you and the environment. They would also make lovely gifts for the like minded folks in your life. You will make and go home with the following:

  1. Bees Wax Wrap – Once you start using your wrap instead of plastic cling wrap, you will want to make more! Fantastic for cheese, sandwiches, veggies and so much more!
  2. Natural Honey Lip Balm -I love knowing that these few simply natural ingredients will nurture and not dry your lips.

Grape Lakes Honey Bees will provide honey and wax that is treatment free, chemical free, pesticide free and antibiotic free! All materials needed will be supplied!

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Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Workshop 24/09/21 $33.28 tax included

One of the most magical things we make on the farm is our Pesticide Free Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother. I was told by most folks…you have to spray your fruit trees with chemicals. It’s just not an option we are willing to do. I have worked year after year figuring out how to best treat our fruit trees and I am seeing some great results!!

I made my first batch of Raw ACV with Mother in 2015. Each year I make more as I am learning the endless benefits and uses of this simple miracle product from having the vinegar, to making Fire Cider, using in my natural product sprays, household cleaner, acid reflex and so on.

Grape Lakes Apple Trees will provide the pesticide free apples and the existing mother for this workshop. Please bring a large wide mouth glass jar with lid, plastic if you have it. If you would like to take home some peeled apples ready for apple pie or apple sauce bring 2nd container with lid!

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Butchering Series TBD $25.00 Per Session (Varies)

In this series of workshops you will learn about the best way of breaking down the whole carcass  into manageable parts and then delectable cuts.  Preparation & making sausage.  The Joy & Flavour of smoking.  A cooking class of some of our favourite recipes that even the fussy eater will love!

For folks interested in these workshops kindly send an email with your contact info to and we will notify you when we have a deer to butcher.

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Afternoon Alfresco Field to Fork

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